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>> welcome to culture wire. we will look at the latest and greatest public art project. recently, the airport unveiled the new state of the art terminal. let's take a look. the new terminal service and american airlines and virgin america was designed by a world- renowned architecture's firm. originally built in 1954, the building underwent massive renovation to become the first registered terminal and one of the must modern and sustainable terminals and the united states.
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the public art program continues its 30-year legacy of integrating art into the airport environment with the addition of five new commissions that are as bold and dynamic as the new building. >> this project was completed in record time, and we were able to integrate the artist's early enough in the process that they could work with the architect said that the work that is completed is the work that really helps complement and instill the space as opposed to being tucked away in a corner. >> be experience begins with the glass facades that was designed with over 120 laminated glass panels. it captures the experience of being under or over clouds when flying in a plane. depending on the distance or point of view, it can appear
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clear for more abstract and atmospheric. the subtle colors change gradually depending on the light and the time of day. >> i wanted to create an art work that looks over time as well as working on in the first glance. the first time you come here, you may not see a. but you may be able to see one side over the other. it features a couple of suspended sculptures. each was created out of a series of flat plains run parallel to each other and constructed of steel tubing. >> it is made up of these strata. as the light starts to shift, there is a real sense that there is a dynamism. >> it gives the illusion that
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this cultures might be fragments of a larger, mysterious mass. >> the environmental artwork livens it with color, light, and the movement. three large woven soldiers are suspended. these are activated by custom air flow program. >> i channeled air flow into each of these forms that makes it move ever so slightly. and it is beating like a heart. if-0 when as of the forces of nature moving around us every second. >> shadow patterns reflect the shapes of the hanging sculptures. the new terminal also features a children's play areas.
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both of the market the exploratory n.y. -- exploratorium. the offer travelers of all ages a playful oasis. using high quality plywood, they created henches shaped like a bird wings that double as musical instruments. serving as a backdrop is a mural featuring images of local birds and san francisco's famous skyline. >> in the line between that is so natural, you can see birds and be in complete wilderness. i really like that about this. you could maybe get a little snapshot of what they are expecting.
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>> it is an interactive, keck sculpture that is interacted with by the visitor. >> they are a lot about and they fall down the belt. it moves the belt up, and if you turn that faster, the butterflies fall in the move of words. >> the art reflect the commission's commitment to acquiring the best work from the bay area and beyond. in addition to the five new commissions, 20 artworks that were already in the airport collection were reinstalled. some of which were historically cited in the terminal. it includes major sculptures by the international artists. as a collection, these art works tell the story of the vibrant arts scene in the early 1960's
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through the mid-1980s's. the illustrate san francisco's cultural center and a place of innovation that is recognized and the love throughout the world. one of the highlights is a series of three left tapestries. they are on view after being in storage for 20 years. these tapestries representing various gardens. from his years of living in san francisco. hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, and whilst dahlias in rich, deep shades as they make their way to the baggage area. they can access behind-the- scenes information and interviews with the artist through an audio to work. it features archival audio as well as interviews with living
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artists. he can be accessed on site by dialing the telephone numbers located near the artwork or by visiting the commission's web site. the public art speaks volumes of san francisco as a world-class city with world-class art and culture. for more information, visit > >> >> good morning. today is wednesday april 17, 2013. this is a regular meeting of the building inspection commission. i would like everyone to turn off devices. roll call.
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president mccarthy, mar, here, commissioner lee, here, mccray, present, melgar here, and commissioner -- is excuse. >> because of time restriction here we would like to propose some changes to the agenda and move them to the next full meetings. >> yes. >> what i'm suggesting is formula retail in the upper market ncd proposed planning commission policy that would establish a methodology for determining the concentration of formula retail and set the appropriate level of concentration for formula retail in the upper market neighborhood nct and ncd. preliminary recommendation: adoption -- seven and the dbi. i recommend we continue that to the next full commission meeting. >> could i go go ahead and second on that. >> thank you. those items
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seven, eight and 9 will be continued to the next meeting and mccarthy you are okay with that. you indicated that you are okay with that. i received a note that you are okay with continuing that. >> yes. that one i'm okay to continue with it. i don't have a real detailed update. >> we can talk on the side about that. >> okay. so that would be what item? >> that was seven. >> okay. >> where are we starting? >> i guess announcements: dbi staff, thank you for coming this morning. we'll again have a bullet at the end of sing
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codemay sin codemay sing oh demay i don't see celebration. tl total number of issued permits for larger projects jump from 26 in january to 34. sing oh demay -- that is a 24 percent increase. i know the mayor uses that to demonstrate how robust the city is. then district inspect or mark walls continue to head this -- the west portal neighborhood where a water main broke at the end of february and the dbi
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inspectors red tagged 3 homes. the information center and that's at 383 west portal. dbi is this in this new center tuesday and thursday from 3-5 to respond to questions. the briefing of the mayor's monday. thanks for the work. that was not an easy emergency to deal with. special thanks to dbi from customers. plan review services and acting director tom hue for his great leadership. thank you very much. the san francisco chronicle published last week where the property owner has hundreds of buildings and housing code violations and whose failure to pay city cost
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assessment have resulted by more than 75 percent. the property owner oh owes the city. we hope we'll motivate the owner to correct the violations and improve the poor living situations the tenants are living with. dbi, staff and congratulate christina wong as employee of the first quarter of 2013. [ applause ] . >> it's my recognition committee received six nominations for the quarter of six nominations for this quarter and one award and after three rounds of voting, christina was nominated. bird
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who has worked for a number of years and now in the enforcing code enforcement. join me in recognizing these great employees. [ applause ] >> i just wanted to thank all the dbi employees for participating in this process because i know the commission did not give employees much time for this first round of nomination of employee of the quarter but they stepped up and we had nominees and it was very good showing from all the departments. >> i would also like to mention
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that i was very happy that i will be hosting lunch in christina's honor in behalf of dbi, i think we did that so we would no violate any rules that the city attorney advised us
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on. we are not using any funds. we would like you to encourage the next nominees of the next quarter. >> thank you for that also please to the other people who are also where the commission is obviously requesting to nominate colleagues for whom you were providing outside outreach effort standing performances for the quarter for june 30th. we'll begin accepting nominations on june 3rd for the next employee quarter award and e-mail nominations to william strong at sf , go
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>> tomorrow is the nifrz anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. caps, which of course made a lot of the recommendations that are now leading to the new legislation that has just passed for the mandatory receipt fit of soft story the building is going to be signed by the mayor tomorrow morning at the fountain. that is another good reason if you feel like get ting up early tomorrow to join the events because that legislation will officially take place and be signed tomorrow and that will start the 60-day notification clock at which point the mayor director and earthquake safety
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will begin notifying potential owners of these types of buildings of what is going to have to happen next in those steps. it is a public event tomorrow and the public and all of you are certainly very welcome to attend it. thank you. >> see you at 5:00 in the morning, commissioners. i have no further announcements. >> any public comment. general public comment. the v i p will take comments on matters on this agenda. any other general public comment? >> seeing none. election of viep president and vice-president. >> may i start. i think this past year with president
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mccarthy and vice-president mar, we have been working very well together. i would like to renominate commissioner mccarthy as president and commissioner mar as vice-president. >> i would second that. >> i think the year has gone really well. i think it's good leadership. >> do we have to do the item separately? it's up to you. >> would you like to vote on the items together? >> one vote. >> okay. >> is there any public comment on the motion to reelect president mccarthy and vice-president mar? there is no public comment. we'll do a roll call vote. president
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mccarthy, aye, mar, yes, clinch, yes, lee, yes, mccray, yes, melgar, the motion carries, congratulations to both of you. [ applause ] . >> item five directors report update on dbi's finances. >> good morning. deputy director administrator services. i wanted to give you an update on our finances. right now we are projecting a balance at the end of the year of 14.96 million of which
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$12.96 million is from revenues and $2 million from expenditures. you can see the revenue is over budget for interest and investments, that's this small one here due to the size of the fund balance and in charges for services and that's 112 percent greater than bugged budgeted at this point. the license fees are not final. they are due in april with property tax. so we haven't seen what that's going result in, but it typically we are on budget with that also. we'll know more next month. and just as a comparison between the previous fiscal year through march and this fiscal year it's 21.02 higher ant

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